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Family Cattle and Land History: In 2013, our family will celebrate 207 years in the land and cattle business. The following history is from our family records: In 1806, Deliverance Rogers, who was born in 1772, moved from Danby, Vermont and settled in Granville, Washington County, New York, where he began acquiring land and cattle. He was the first manufacturer of cheese in Washington County. He ran beef and dairy herds and, after the War of 1812, he purchased many farms with their cattle and all improvements, selling them when warranted by their increased valuation. In 1818 he bought the "Hall Farm", which became the "centerpiece" of his land holdings. He died at the Hall Farm on May 1, 1849. He bequeathed the Hall Farm to his grandson, Deliverance Rogers, II, to perpetuate his name. Deliverance Rogers, II was born February 18, 1841 and died March 13, 1875. Deliverance Rogers' will dictated that his son, David Rogers, would operate and maintain the Hall Farm for the benefit of his grandson, Deliverance Rogers, II, until the grandson was grown.

David Rogers was born in Danby, Vermont on June 28, 1804 to Deliverance, I and Judith Folger Rogers. He died at Hall Farm on September 8, 1861. David and Judith Rogers had another son, whose name was David Wing Rogers, who was born April 27, 1836. He was also a successful farmer in Middle Granville, New York. He was married to Cordelia Sprague on June 9, 1859. They sold their farm in Granville and moved to Lytle, Texas near San Antonio on November 6, 1882. They purchased a section of land with a home in Lytle that same year where they built a dairy operation and cotton farm. While still in Granville, the Rogers gave birth to Edith Rogers and her twin brother, Charles W. Rogers on November 8, 1864. David Wing Rogers died in San Antonio, Texas on November 11, 1902. James A. Nelson was born in New York State on November 22, 1859. He followed the Rogers to Texas. Edith Rogers married James A. Nelson on June 9, 1888 in Lytle, Texas. J. A. Nelson went into the cattle business with Edith's father, David Wing Rogers. J. A. Nelson took over the operation upon the death of David W. Rogers in 1902. J. A. and Edith Rogers Nelson had four children. Three girls and a boy were born in Lytle, Texas at the ranch. The oldest was a son, David Rogers Nelson, who was born on May 26, 1889. David Rogers Nelson (known as Dave Nelson to everyone) became an accomplished cattleman like his father and grandfather. As a young man he attended Peacock Military Academy and made his living raising and trading cattle, horses and cotton. In 1916 he was called to active duty with the Texas Infantry at the border and in 1917 went overseas during World War I. He served under General Pershing and, due to his knowledge of horses, spent most of his time attached to the Cavalry, being discharged after the War as a major. He then moved his family to Orange, Texas where he built and managed the vast agricultural interests of Lutcher Stark. He was very involved with Brahman cattle and ran one of the largest "regal" herds of about 1,500 of these animals. He died in 1935.

David Rogers Nelson, Jr. (Dave Nelson, Jr.) was likewise a cattleman and horseman from his boyhood, having won the Junior World Championship Calf Roping crown at age 14. Dave, Jr., after being seriously wounded on two separate occasions and being decorated for valor as a Marine in World II, moved to Beaumont, Texas where he rode alongside his best friend, Mack Birdwell, in the business of ranching. They raised, worked and traded cattle in the coastal prairies South and West of Beaumont. Dave, Jr. passed away recently on June 22, 2013 just shy of his 93rd birthday. He and his wife, Carroll, raised eleven children here in Southeast Texas. Dave, Jr. maintained an office at Nelson Ranch until his death and enjoyed bass fishing and dove hunting at the ranch and saltwater fishing in the nearby Sabine Lake and Gulf of Mexico. Dave, III came along in 1946 and has loved cattle and horses since his childhood. In 1987, Dave and his wife, Terri, began purchasing land South of Beaumont, Texas and moved there with their three daughters, Katherine, Elizabeth and Ashley in 1988. Dave was in the commercial cattle business at that time with about half of his herd being commercial Brangus cows. The Federal Government decided to build one of the two largest Federal Prisons in the U.S. in Jefferson County in the early 1990's (on Nelson land) and Dave's 1300 acres were reduced substantially under Eminent Domain proceedings. This land reduction caused a shift in Dave's cattle business plan because a large commercial herd was no longer feasible. The Nelsons had purchased four registered Beefmaster cows and one registered Beefmaster bull during the commercial herd days, just to try them out. Dave bred some of his Brangus cows to the Beefmaster bull and the Beefmaster cross calves outperformed the straight Brangus calves. Some of those offspring are still working today in Dave's herd as commercial recips in the Beefmaster embryo program at the ranch. The rest is history. Dave began purchasing registered Beefmaster cattle and got involved in AI and embryo programs. His ranch manager, Scott Cauthen, personally handles the AI work and manages the embryo program. The Nelsons have found, as you can, that a smaller herd of very good registered Beefmasters can be much more profitable than a much larger herd of commercial cattle if you manage the operation correctly and stress quality cattle in your program. Dave believes in involvement in service to the Beefmaster breed at the national level. He served on the Board of Directors for Beefmaster Breeders United. He served as the Chairman of the Membership Committee and served on the International Committee and Ethics Committee. He stresses the importance of involvement at the satellite association level also and served on the Board of Directors of the South Texas Beefmaster Breeders Association for ten years. He is a lifetime member of BBU and a lifetime booster club member of the Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association.

We participate in the following BBU programs:
1. Weights and Measures
2. Merit Breeder
3. Commitment to Excellence

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